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You’re here today because you want to reconnect with simple things, human values and, of course, writing. What could be more liberating than writing? And even more when it is intended for a stranger who will be there to read you, understand you and never judge you.

Epistolia is a pen-pal club for strangers. By becoming a member (free of charge) you will receive within a few days the contact details of the penfriend who shares the same desire as you to regularly send and receive handwritten letters by post.

The point is to discover, through words written on paper, a person : his or her joys, sorrows, past, dreams and perspective on life.

How does it work ?


I register my postal address, secretly kept by Epistolia.


Epistolia randomly connects me with my pen pal. I receive his postal address, and he gets mine.


My pen pal and I have a maximum of 15 days to send each other our first letters.


– You must be 18 or older to participate.
– You agree to send your first letter as soon as possible, without exceeding 15 days.
– The contact will be made randomly, while trying to ensure that your correspondent meets your criteria.
– Your postal address will never be published on the site. It will only be communicated to your correspondent. In exchange, you will receive his postal address.
– Exchanges must be made only by handwritten letters sent by postal services. You are free to decide on a sending/replying frequency in agreement with your partner. We recommend a minimum frequency of 1 to 2 letters / month.
– This club is open even to those who do not have perfect spelling. Please be forgiving
– This club is not a dating site and prohibits any dating activity.

* Connect to your account to view your pen pal or request a new one…

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