Who should send the first letter?

Each pen pal commits to send a first letter within 15 days.

When should I send my first letter ?

Less than 15 days after getting your pen pal address.

What should I do if my pen pal does not write back to me ?

Wait 30 days. If, once these 30 days have passed, you still have not received a letter from him/her, you can request a new paypal by connecting to your account then make your request.

I made a mistake in my selection criteria what should I do?

NOTHING! Once your request is sent, the matching starts immediately. That’s why it’s important to check your form before submitting.

I want to stop writing to my pen pal

If you wish to end the ralationship with you pen pal, we kindly ask you to send a last letter to him/her so that he/she does not expect another letter from you. He/she will be able to request a new pen pal by connecting his account on epistolia.com

What should I write in my first letter?

You’re free to write whatever you want. However, if you have no inspiration, I invite you to :
– introduce yourself,
– tell an anecdote or a significant moment of your life,
– ask your pen pal a few questions,
– ask him (her) what he (she) expects from this handwritten exchange of letters.

Can we use the same mailing address twice for another person in our family to become a member of the club?

Yes you can. Only the email address has to be different.

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